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cheap music means more money for drugs.

for serious.

9 November
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!!!, !'s, adding "ness" to everything, agent orange, alpacas, alternative press, american music club, arguing with mr.davis, at the drive-in, avoiding eye contact, barsuk records, being hardcore, belle and sebastian, billy joel, black & white pictures, bob dylan, bookmark pens, brand new, bright eyes, built to spill, burns out bright, calling things "hood", causing family problems, chk chk chk, cinema verite, commander venus, complaining, conor oberst, crying, cursing at inappropriate times, cursive, dealership, death cab for cutie, degrassi, desaparecidos, diesel shoes, elf power, elliott smith, fall out boy, fevers and mirrors, five years later, flip flops, fugazi, funeral for a friend, guided by voices, guys that wear pink, hardcore naps, hardcoreness, herve chapelier, hey mercedes, indie, indie pop, indie rock, interpol, jack gomme, jets to brazil, juice boxes, libertarians, lifted, lo fi, long sleeves, loving elliott smith, lulu guinness, lying, making others worry, matador records, matt oberst, mayday, metrosexuals, michael badnarik, misusing "pseudo", modest mouse, motion city soundtrack, my feet, my flat in london, my hardcore straight edgness, my morning jacket, neutral milk hotel, never saying goodbye, new cameras, new end original, oliver peoples, omaha, one hit wonders, one sided racism, onelinedrawing, panoply academy glee club, park ave., pedro the lion, peta, photography, pinkness, planes mistaken for stars, post emo indie rock, pretty girls make graves, prog-emo, pseudo happiness, pseudo wristlets, pseudoness, read music/speak spanish, rilo kiley, rufio, ruining my life, saddle creek, sarcasm, saves the day, scarves, selective honesty, self-injury, senses fail, sephora, settlefish, shoe shopping, shopping in the city, sleeping, sleeping at last, socks, son ambulance, sorry about dresden, soy stuff, spending my dads money, spitalfield, stealing peoples mail, steven levenkron, strike anywhere, sunny day real estate, sylvia plath, taking back sunday, the bell jar, the casket lottery, the faint, the get up kids, the good life, the movielife, the postal service, the stills, the thermals, third party debates, thrice, throwdown, thursday, transatlantacism, vacation, vaux, vegan ribs, volcano i'm still excited!!, volunteering, wasting class time, whatever it takes, worrying